Bra Size Chart

32 C70 C32 C
32 D70 D32 D
32 DD70 E32 DD
32 E70 F32 DDD
32 F70 G32 G
32 FF70 H32 H
32 G70 I32 I
32 GG70 J32 J
34 C75 C34 C
34 D75 D34 D
34 DD75 E34 DD
34 E75 F34 DDD
34 F75 G34 G
34 FF75 H34 H
34 G75 I34 I
36 C80 C36 C
36 D80 D36 D
36 DD80 E36 DD
36 E80 F36 DDD
36 F80 G36 G
36 FF80 H36 H
38 C85 C38 C
38 D85 D38 D
38 DD85 E38 DD
38 E85 F38 DDD
38 F85 G38 G
40 C90 C40 C
40 D90 D40 D
40 DD90 E40 DD
40 E90 F40 DDD
42 C95 C42 C
42 D95 D42 D
42 DD95 E42 DD
44 C100 C44 C
44 D100 D44 D
46 C105 C46 C




$64 Incl. VAT

The Ashanti non-padded balconette bra and delicate French lace at the neckline has soft bottom cups with stretch mesh lining. This underwire bra provides support and uplifted fit for a fuller bust. The bra has fully adjustable delicate picot straps front and plush back giving additional comfort and support. The straps can be adjusted in several forms to fit under any shirt – straight, criss-cross, and neck-holder.

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Extra lightweight mesh print with micro denier lining for full support. The back lining and side boning provides for an extra support and strength with additional padded hooks and eyes for comfort; Hooks and eyes closure with four settings for additional band width and perfect fit. Front and back straps for 3 ways to wear: straight, criss-crossed back and neck holder

Fabric Composition85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
Bra Size (UK)

32 C, 32 D, 32 DD, 32 E, 32 F, 32 FF, 34 C, 34 D, 34 DD, 34 E, 34 F, 34 FF, 36 C, 36 D, 36 DD, 36 E, 36 F, 36 FF, 38 C, 38 D, 38 DD, 38 E, 38 F, 38 FF, 40 C, 40 D, 40 DD, 40 E, 42 C, 42 D, 42 DD


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